Downtown Fullerton - SOCO District

SOCO District

SOCO stands for “South of Commonwealth.” This District is the latest addition to DowntownFullerton. It proves the dream of city leaders – to develop a downtown area like no other.

George Amerige, one of Fullerton founding fathers, once said “…there is a secret in building a town. It takes a stiff backbone, a spirit of progressiveness and determination to win out, and a disposition that can stand all sorts of criticism.”

Just like New York City’s SOHO District, DowntownFullerton has SOCO. It complements the surrounding region perfectly. Be sure to check out Heroes, in its new location, and The Continental Lounge. These two spots have turned into a great late-night combination. Go to Stubrik’s Steak House to hear live music; Steamers Café, for a relaxing cup of coffee; and Il Ghiotto Ristorante for Italian flavor.